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Breath AnalyZer

Kiosk Infotouch Systems in one of the pioneering and leading firms providing services in the kiosk industry and safety and security products. Being highly technical proficient firm, we have been manufacturing and supplying breath analyzer from long time acknowledged and renowned for excellent performance and efficiency. Symbolizing technological competence and adaptability, our company is not only in the making of alcohol breath analyzer and other cutting edge devices blended with latest technology, but also has a huge base of satisfied clientele situated all across the nation due to our excellent services and optimum functionalities and performance of the equipments. Our expertise and skills are highly engaged into the designing, development and quality analyzing of each of our products, along with moving ahead with a motive to serve our valuable clients the best in the kiosk industry, expand our services meeting new technology and challenges thrown by the industry.

Alcohol Breath AnalyZer

Our manufactured and supplied breath analyzer is designed exclusively to check and measure the concentration of the breathed alcohol in an individual’s body. Equipped with latest flat surfaced alcohol based sensor, the product has been reckoned for outstanding and excellent reproducibility and sensitivity. Adding to this, its portable, compact and appealing design makes it perfect and extremely convenient for personal usage. As and whenever the alcohol content exceeds a limit as defined, the device sends an audio as well as video warning and signal to remind you about your safety. Tremendously quick and fast in response, it has SMD assembling, dynamic MCU control, great LCD indication, LCD display with backup facility, portable and stylish design, warning signal, sensor fault self checking, low voltage indication and battery saved design, and a must have for people these days. Do you have any other concerns as well? Let us know and we will provide the exact product you wish for. Feel free to have a discussion right now and we assure to provide you the best in the industry.


Breath AnalyZer