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Information Kiosk

Welcome to Kiosk Infotouch Systems platform, a fully integrated manufacturer and supplier of information kiosk and its related implementation requirements. An information kiosk information system makes use of similar kind of hardware and software like internet kiosks to carry out distinct functions. Interactive or information kiosks are designed exclusively to render access to more than one focused application including grabbing more knowledge about a place products and offerings, going through a store's product catalogue, or learning more about a venue and more. Also, reckoned as a pioneer kiosk manufactures, such kind of kiosks usually make use of industrial strength and rugged housing along with specialized and skilled peripherals like thermal receipt printers and card readers.

Kiosk Information System Manufactures

Such kiosks are used on a large scale across multiple verticals and are renowned to provide the self serve solution that actually never sleeps and are extremely user friendly. Users actually enjoy using them with a complete peace of mind, known as simple and fast to use with no need to have any learning and understanding in prior on a virtual level. Voice instruction and screens easily knobs in between several languages making it extremely simple for customers knowing different languages. Providing round the clock 24/7 customer access and support, they are used for versatile purposes including the following mentioned.

  • Guide directions
  • Issue passes to guests and visitors
  • Provide an easy access and layout of the floor plan
  • Check presence and availability of any employee
  • Provide links and connections to companies's sites
  • Give access to online practices and policies

In all, these kinds of kiosks are basically computer terminals featuring expert hardware and software designed to go for a public exhibit giving access to everyone regarding information as well as applications related to commerce, communication, education and entertainment. Seems interested? Contact us for more details.

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