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Tablet Kiosk

Tablet kiosks are the perfect way to extend communicative channel sales and business along with offering independent self service choices. Used primarily across diverse industries, including restaurants, retail, healthcare, hospitality and many others, tablet kiosk enclosures are beneficial to boost up customer service, drive extra in-store revenue and handle queue times efficiently. In fact, android tablet kiosk enclosure often gets blended with in-store kiosks for more transactions and cash flow abilities along with maximizing return on investment.

Considering different scenarios in mind while evaluating implementation of tablet kiosk, it is always recommended to opt for the one that fully accomplish your business goals and motives.

Portable tablet kiosks – It provides flexible mounting choices that fits most of 10” tablets with no exposed or visible cables around it. The plastic head unit over the kiosk provides optimal data capacity and connectivity. Could be easily opened by using an assigned key, it is easy to use, maintain and even get servicing.

Tablet Kiosk Software

Mounted kiosks – Such tablet kiosks provide the same kind of functionality as of portable one and that too at a lower price per unit. Equipped with pass through power that keeps tablet charged being docked, it also has no visible cables, and works well with Apple iPads. It is perfect for those implementations where the tablet need to get positioned in a fixed location.

Apart from this, other flexible mounting options are also possible like bolting the system to a counter, floor or wall. Also, such systems blend well with similar kind of accessories and tablet kiosk software including ID scanner, credit card reader and more. Looking for similar kind of kiosk for your project? Let Kiosk Infotouch Systems handle and serve you with its impeccable products and services and rest would be for sure assured. Talk to us in detail right now for more information.