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Transaction Kiosks

In a present scenario, transaction kiosks can provide the ability for customers to perform transactions that may normally require a bank teller and may be more complex and longer to perform than desired ATM. Transaction kiosks are sometimes to referred to as "bank-in-a-box".


  • Metal sheet/ stainless steel with powder coated structure/ mat/ glossy finish for metal sheet.
  • Assembly for touch screen monitors with 17"/ 18.5"/ 19"/ 21.5" sizes.
  • Space for hardware such as CPU, Thin clients, Panel PC, Thermal printer, Card reader, cash and coin acceptor, cash dispenser, UPS, Keyboard & mouse and speakers.
  • Single or double back or front service door with security locks.
  • Colour finish as per availability.
  • Spike proof power sockets, Ventilation fan (with on/off arrangement), Wheels & shoes.
  • Vinyl branding